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Ksenia Mishina laughed at mothers and raising children

Popular Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina does not hold back her thoughts and openly expresses her attitude towards raising children. On her social networks, she ridiculed most mothers for their parenting, in particular, drawing attention to the wrong methods, which, according to her, are common among Russian mothers, writes WomanEL.

Mishina, raising her son on her own and paying him great attention, is outraged by certain cases of inappropriate behavior of other mothers. The incident occurred abroad in a store, where the mother demonstrated her inadequate reaction to her daughter’s questions.

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We recently observed a similar situation with Plato. Mom and daughter (approximately two years old) in the store. The daughter asked her mother something. And in response to the whole store: “Shut your mouth, moron!” I even froze. And then I remembered, these are “bastards” (editor’s note – Russians). And they raise the same ones,

the celebrity said, noting the wrong approach of Russian mothers to education.

Ksenia Mishina openly criticizes stereotypes of motherhood. Source: instagram.com/misha.k.ua

This event caused concern for the actress. She actively condemns people who show such malice towards children. Ksenia is confident that such persons should not become parents.

Ksenia Mishina remains a devoted mother and an active citizen, expressing her thoughts even in difficult military moments. Her words about raising children can generate discussion, but at the same time encourage parents to think about their own parenting methods.

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