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She wanted to hide: Santa Dimopoulos left her husband and child alone for the holiday

Ukrainian singer Santa Dimopoulos celebrated the New Year 2024 in an atmosphere of luxury and unusualness on the island paradise of Bali. However, what is striking about this story is that the artist decided to welcome the new stage of her life on her own, refusing to be accompanied by her husband Igor and daughter Sofia, writes WomanEL.

According to her in the Telegram channel, the original plan was to celebrate the celebration with her family, but changes arose at the last moment. Dimopoulos explained that she felt the need to be alone to process her thoughts and feelings. This decision, as it turned out, led to internal doubts and even shame.

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How did I stay in Bali? At the last moment I made a decision. I sat down and explained to Igor that I felt that I needed to be on my own, to digest everything that had happened to me during this period,

the celebrity said.

Santa Dimopoulos revealed her bravery in choosing a lonely New Year's Eve in Bali. Source: instagram.com/santadimopulos

However, after part of the family left her alone, discomfort and doubts arose, but, as Santa noted, she did not regret it. The star notes that it is important to listen to your heart and act on its call.

The fear was followed by feelings of guilt: “How could I leave my family for the New Year?” , “What kind of mother am I, and my wife is even worse,” etc. I thank myself for my courage. Just a few years ago I would never have dared to do this. Most often, we live in the categories of “this is possible”, “this is not possible” and do not hear what we really need, Dimopoulos noted.

However, nothing prevented the artist from celebrating Christmas with her daughter Sofia. According to her, this trip to an exotic country was a real happy adventure for both. By the way, Santa Dimopoulos recently showed how she celebrated her birthday.

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