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Dasha Kvitkova finally spoke about her relationship

Ukrainian blogger Dasha Kvitkova decided to reveal details of her personal life to her fans, answering a frequently asked question about her marital status. In her blog, the celebrity frankly stated that she is not dating anyone yet, writes WomanEL.

My heart is free, I am not in love and I feel very good now. I believe that a person will appear in my life with whom I will mutually fall in love. It's a matter of time, everything comes at the right moment, I'm not in a hurry. Am I ready? I don't know, honestly. But perhaps “I don’t know”, because there is no the same

She wanted to hide: Santa Dimopoulos left her husband and child on their own for the holiday The name of the potential winner of Eurovision 2024 is known, the blogger admitted.

Dasha added that she believes in the power of fate and assumes that over time a person will appear with whom they can build happy relationship. The celebrity leaves everything in the hands of fate, and does not determine specific deadlines for personal events.

Dasha Kvitkova opened her soul to fans, declaring about a free heart. Source: instagram.com/kvittkova

Let’s do this, I don’t “plan” this moment, like: “In a year I have to get married.” But I, of course, would like to build relationships and a family in the future. There is a time for everything and with the right person,

noted Dasha Kvitkova.

With her open and sincere approach to the topic of personal life, the blogger gained great popularity among her fans, who express support and wishes for her to find happiness.

By the way, Dasha Kvitkova recently raised a million hryvnia for children’s treatment.

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