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Anna Trincher promoted the pro-Russian people's deputy

On her Instagram account, Anna Trincher announced a drawing for a luxury Rolls-Royce car, in which one could take part by signing 98 of her sponsor friends. However, among these “friends” was MP Artem Dmitruk, who was attuned to scandals and had previously beaten a Ukrainian military man, writes WomanEL.

Frightened by the negative reviews and indignation of fans, Anna Trincher removed Dmitruk from the list of sponsors of her giveaway. The artist refrained from making any comments about the politician’s participation in her action.

Dasha Kvitkova finally spoke about her relationship Nazi: Grimes got into a scandal Anna Trincher got into a scandal. Source: instagram.com/annatrincher_official

It should be noted that Artem Dmitruk had previously attracted attention with his pro-Russian position, in particular, by participating in the film of propagandist Anatoly Shariy and expressing support for a Russian-speaking taxi driver who refused to communicate in Ukrainian.

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/5fe34615a884797206eeb11931fb1490.png" />Anna Trincher got into a scandal. Source: instagram.com/annatrincher_official

Recently, Dmitruk also found himself in another scandalous incident, when, together with his colleague Alexander Kunitsky, they beat up the defender of Ukraine. This incident occurred in October 2023 in Kyiv, and it was recorded by a surveillance camera, which led to additional outrage among the public and Trincher fans.

By the way, Anna Trincher and Alexander Voloshin recently divorced.

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