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The name of the potential winner of Eurovision 2024 is known

Some bookmakers are already offering a section for the winners of Eurovision 2024. The UK is the bookmakers' favorite to win the song contest, writes WomanEL.

Why is the United Kingdom now considered the winner of Eurovision 2024? As it turns out, the frontman of the famous band “Years and Years”, Olly Alexander, will represent Britain at the music competition. His popularity is enough to convince bookmakers. Although Ollie and many other country participants have not yet submitted their competition songs.

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You might think that not all the contestants have shared their tracks yet, so the odds should be approximately the same, but no. Experts are already assessing the situation of the state, the likelihood of the quality of the song, the level of production, budget, etc. It also depends which countries often rank high in the table. In addition, the political situation is now also influencing, although Eurovision positions itself as an apolitical show.

Fresh bookmaker bets for Eurovision 2024

  1. Great Britain.

2. Israel.

3. Ukraine.

4. Italy.

5. Sweden.

Now these are the 5 contenders for the cup. If you carefully monitor the rating, the UK alternates with Israel.

Recall that the Ukrainian National selection for Eurovision- 2024″ will take place on February 3, 2024. And in May, the Swedish city of Malmo will host the 68th song competition, in which representatives of 37 countries will take part. The semi-finals will take place on May 7 and 9, the grand final on May 11.

WomanEL recently learned that the Ukrainian singer is preparing to represent Moldova at this year’s Eurovision.

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