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Ksenia Mishina lost her son

After a luxurious holiday in Thailand and Bali, Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina returned home, but not without adventure. The star shared her imperfect journey on Instagram, revealing the details of the loss of her son at the airport, writes WomanEL.

The bad streak for the actress began even before the flight, when she ate something wrong and spent the whole night before the flight with a high fever and on an IV. After such a start, Mishina almost missed the first plane and forgot her own documents at the check-in counter. This led to the fact that she “raised the ears” of all the airport workers in order to find documents and board the plane on time. However, the most important thing was the loss of his son during this tense situation.

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Forgetting documents, throwing the entire airport into disarray, losing a child, getting into turbulence, leaving things behind, getting broken suitcases… My home will always remain mine. I still know that I will soon be putting summer clothes in the closets of my apartment on the left bank of the Dnieper, says the celebrity.

Ksenia Mishina revealed the difficulties of returning from vacation: the loss of her son and other failures. Source: instagram.com/misha.k.ua

All the time she was accompanied by stomach pain and high fever, which significantly complicated the situation. Arriving at the next airport, it turned out that the actress had forgotten her tablet on the previous plane. Despite all the difficulties, Mishina and her son managed to board the next plane on time.

The actress is sure that these adventures did not happen to her in vain, and she felt that the whole space was telling her about something bad. Remembering the shelling of Ukrainian territories, Mishina revealed that these events became an integral part of a difficult journey for her.

By the way, Ksenia Mishina was recently injured in Bali due to her extreme actions.

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