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Diya “fell down” during the national selection: the network exploded with memes

On Saturday, February 3, music fans plunged into the world of the Eurovision song contest, reports WomanEL. During the National selection for Eurovision 2024, it was not possible to immediately choose who will represent Ukraine this year in Malmö. Due to the large influx of people wanting to vote, there was a glitch in the “Diya” application, where voting for your favorite participant takes place.

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov, explained why a problem occurred during the voting – a record number of users who took part in the voting was recorded, so “Diya” stopped working. Fedorov reassured, promising to resume the application within a few hours, but it was not possible. Voting has been extended until February 4, 19:05.

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People began to joke en masse and create memes that flooded social networks. We have collected a series of humorous images.

Recall that in May the Swedish city of Malmö will become owner 68- of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, in which representatives from 37 countries will take part. The semi-finals will be held on May 7 and 9, the grand final on May 11.

By the way, it recently became known what the Eurovision 2024 stage will look like.

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