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It happened: Dantes and Katsurina have a new addition to their family

Showman Vladimir Dantes and businesswoman Dasha Katsurina are pleased to introduce a new member of their family – a cute Labradoodle dog named Vasily, writes WomanEL.

The loving couple decided to expand their family and now they live together not only with their children. Vasily became the new inhabitant of their happy home. A photo of a small red dog wrapped in a blanket in an envelope appeared on the page of an organization that finds dogs a new home, from where the couple took their puppy. It was immediately clear that Vasily felt comfortable and content in the arms of his new owners.

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The shot of this furry baby collected many positive comments on social networks. It is known that Vasily quickly found a common language with his new parents and is ready to learn a lot of new things while growing up with a large family.

Dasha Katsurina and Vladimir Dantes were happy to see their pet join their family. Source: instagram.com/labradoodles_ru

While the owners themselves are keeping the intrigue and not disclosing details about their new family member, perhaps they are preparing a surprise for their children. Fans are already looking forward to noisy videos and the kids’ reactions to their new pet.

By the way, Dantes and Katsurina recently left Ukraine and showed off their romantic adventures.

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