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330 milliliters of peace: Zhiwchik and Monobank created a drink with apple and valerian

Delicious pleasure of tranquility… What could be better than the collaboration of two Ukrainian titans who came together to create a unique product. The Zhivchik brand and the popular Ukrainian neobank Monobank give as much as 330 milliliters of peace in the new drink, says WomanEL.

A 330 ml can of a soft drink with apple juice and valerian extract has a special design with the famous cats of the two brands – the Monobank cat and Zhivchik.

330 milliliters of rest. Source: Instagram

Zhiwchik x mono. Apple and valerian. 330 milliliters at rest. Look for ATB on the shelves. Later there will be other supermarkets and gas stations,

the bank noted.

Marketing Director of the bank Anatoly Rogalsky said that “Zhivchik” is a cult drink that is loved by different generations. That is why Monobank sought to collaborate with this brand.

If you think that kolob Balenciaga and Crocs or Fortnite and Lego – this is a rock collaboration, think again, because at Monobank we did a collaboration with Zhivchik. Among all the flavor options, valerian was mentioned. And peace, and cats, and funny, and relevant – bingo,

Rogalsky said.

You can purchase the products in ATB supermarkets. The drink is promised to appear later in other supermarkets and gas stations across the country.

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