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Prayer for liberation from the invasion of strangers

Defending your homeland is the sacred duty of everyone. Prayer is also a weapon that gives strength, writes WomanEL. Since the beginning of Russian aggression, prayers have been continuously heard in our churches for liberation from the invasion of foreigners, for God’s care over our defenders at the front, for relief of fate and for the release of prisoners and hostages.

True, on the side of the Ukrainian people, who are fighting for their home and their land, and not for someone else’s, fighting for freedom, and not for enslavement,

assured Metropolitan Epifaniy.

Prayer for liberation from the invasion of strangers. Source: pinterest.com

Prayer for liberation from the invasion of strangers

Lord God of hosts, God of our salvation, You alone work miracles. Look in mercy and mercy at the humbleness of Your servants and listen kindly and have mercy on us. God our enemies have come upon us to destroy us and to protect our power and our holy places. Help us, God, our Savior, and grant us, for the glory of Your name. And do not let us fulfill the words spoken by Moses: be courageous, stand still and seek salvation in the Lord, for the Lord will fight for us.

So, Lord God, our Savior, do not remember the iniquity and untruths of Your people . And do not expose us to Your wrath, but in mercy and mercy, bring forth Your humble servants who fall before You: come to our aid and let our army overcome Yours. Destroy our lives and the unrighteous mockery of those who come to war against us.

We pray to You, O Lord, for our peace and tranquility, that as we cross our enemies, let us not cross our enemies. And just as ashes crumble in the face of the wind, so do not let their evil thoughts of destroying our Ukrainian state arise. Lord, keep quiet those who oppose Your commandments and decrees. Bring back to their memory Your commandment: Blessed peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God. And for those who oppose this commandment of Yours, send wrath, sorrow and fierce angels, who will instill in them fear and memory of those who even call themselves Christians.

Lord forbid, Thy will be done above us. And, since Your Providence will be such as to give your souls to our soldiers in the battle for Faith and Ukraine, then forgive them their sins, and on the day of Your righteous Judgment, grant the crown of imperishability. Let us believe and pray to You, Greatly Gifted Lord, that You will calm down, calm down and bring everyone to peace.

For You are the protector and the help and the savior for those who trust in You. And to you we give glory, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and forever. Amen!

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