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Without a metronome: Stas Korolev released his second numbered album

Stas Korolev, a performer from Avdeevka and an audiovisual jazz-rock band of the same name from Kyiv, presented his second album. The record was recorded live without a metronome and is called “Round 2: Digital Fugitive,” says WomanEL.

As Liroom writes, the tracks were written between 2016 and 2024. Most of the material was created after February 24, 2022, tested at performances in Ukraine and the world, and then recorded in the studio.

No metronomy. Source: Instagram

This is my second numbered album and at the same time the finale of the Second Season. Just like three years ago, I suggest you set aside 40 minutes, put on your favorite headphones and convert your attention into experience,

noted Stas Korolev.

The album contains a composition dedicated to Stas’s hometown, Avdeevka, temporarily occupied by Russia – “1991”. The album also contains a song about endless air raids in Ukraine – “Air Raid.”

Andrey Barmaliy, Evgeniy Dubovik, Igor Biryuchenko and Alexander Yavdyk took part in the creation of the album. The release of the full-length album “Round 2: Digital Fugitive” took place on April 19.

Previously, Dorofeeva and Lebiga presented a special track.

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