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Confident behavior in front of the camera: exclusive tips from presenter Natalia Solonik

The work of a TV presenter requires constant focus, conservation of energy and, most importantly, self-confidence. Today, the host of the program “Closer to the Stars” and mother of three children, Natalie Solonik, shared with the editors of Womanel her tips regarding confidence in front of the camera. Every week on the air, Natalie talks about the life of Ukrainian celebrities, and today she shares her secrets of a successful broadcast, writes WomanEL.

Content Don't be afraid of the camera Introduce your audience Re-read the text and adapt it Don't cram the text Exercise Believe in yourself Relax before the broadcast

Don't be afraid of the camera

Feeling afraid of the camera is normal, especially at the beginning of your career. Even experienced presenters admit that anxiety is a natural reaction.

Imagine your audience

When you stand in front of the camera, imagine that you are talking to a friend or a loved one. This will help you relax and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Reread the text and adapt it

It is important to feel comfortable with the text that needs to be spoken. Adapt it to you to speak organically and naturally.

Don’t cram the text< /h2>

This can add to the worry of forgetting something or mixing up words. Understand the main idea and the key message that needs to be conveyed to the viewer.

Natalie Solonik shared tips on confidence in front of the camera for beginners in the field of television. Source: press group


Practicing in front of a mirror or recording on your phone will help improve your speaking style. Speak out loud, clearly, with good diction.

Believe in yourself

Accept yourself and don’t play a role, because the viewer always feels deceived. Be yourself – this is the best path to success.

Relax before the broadcast

Try to relax and realize that you are communicating with such people like yourself. Even if you make a mistake, most likely no one will notice.

Following these tips from Natalie Solonik, you will be able to speak confidently and effectively in front of the camera, creating high-quality and interesting broadcasts.

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