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5 ways to eat your favorite junk food and still lose weight

Dietician Mary Sabat, with over 20 years of experience, prioritizes sustainable and effective weight loss strategies with her clients. This means she encourages them (and us) not to think of foods as good or bad. That is, you don’t have to refuse the same pizza or ice cream. This is good news for those who ask themselves whether it is possible to lose weight by eating junk food.

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If you plan everything carefully and pay attention to the ingredients, you can easily continue to enjoy your favorite foods. WomanEL will share with you the tricks of an expert.

Is it possible to lose weight by eating junk food

If you want to lose weight, carefully consider the ingredients in dishes, Source: freepik.com

With a focus on portion control, nutrient-packed meals, and mindful eating, Mary has seen first-hand how these approaches can lead to successful and lasting weight loss results. Using these tips helps her clients make healthier choices while still enjoying the foods they love, promoting a positive relationship with food, and promoting overall well-being.

Mary believes you can eat even foods like burgers, and continue to lose weight or keep weight under control. Here are her simple strategies:


Opting for a thin crust reduces overall calorie intake, and eating vegetables increases fiber content and promotes satiety (and weight loss). Order your pizza with a little cheese to further reduce calories and saturated fat. By the way, this will also make it healthy.


Choosing turkey cutlets or vegetables reduces saturated fat and calories, and whole-grain muffins contain more fiber, helping control appetite and promote weight loss. Serving the burger with lettuce further reduces the carbs and calories, allowing you to still enjoy your favorite burger without the guilt.


Pasta made from whole wheat flour or chickpeas contains more fiber and protein than refined pasta, which promotes a feeling of fullness and reduces overall calorie intake.

Ice cream

Low fat or Greek Frozen yogurt contains less sugar and fat than traditional ice cream, allowing you to enjoy it with fewer calories.

French fries< /h3>

Baking sweet potato or zucchini fries reduces the oil content and calories compared to deep-fried potatoes, promoting weight loss while satisfying cravings. Consider using an air fryer to cut your fat intake completely.

You've probably heard of cheat meals, but how many should you eat per week? It turns out that there is more than we thought.

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