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7 chic pedicure colors that will be popular in the summer of 2024

It's officially time to pack up your favorite cozy Uggs and treat your feet to a refreshing pedicure, because summer is upon us (and so is the inevitable return of open-toe shoes). Fortunately, fashionable pedicure 2024-2025 will delight you with variety. It will include both time-tested colors and completely unexpected shades.

ContentFashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for the summer: neon orange summerIf in doubt, choose white Fashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for the summer: pastel chrome Unexpected pink jellyFashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for the summer: pearlescent pedicure Cherry redFashionable pedicure 2024- 2025 for summer: ballet pink

Do you need inspiration? WomanEL will list the most fashionable shades of pedicure polish for summer 2024.

Fashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for summer: neon orange summer

Fashionable pedicure 2024-2025, Source: womanEL + insta: beautyfrompr

In recent months, celebrities like Zendaya and Hailey Bieber have incorporated neon colors into their nail art. Tom Bacsik, imPRESS ambassador and manicurist for celebrities like Margot Robbie and Camila Cabello, says one of the neon polish shades would be especially useful for pedicures. “Something a little unexpected that I'm loving right now is neons, especially neon orange. It's sure to pique the interest of others,” he tells Bustle.

When in doubt, choose white

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White nail polish has the unique ability to highlight a tan . And manicurist Charlotte Knight agrees. She predicts this polish shade will thrive in the coming summer months. “White nail polish complements any outfit, giving a fresh look and brightening up your toes. Whether it’s a beach holiday or an official event.”

Fashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for summer: pastel chrome

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Chrome is one of the biggest nail art trends with mega fans like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Cardi B and tons of others. Knight explains that mirrored pastels in particular will be king this summer.

“Ice blue nails for summer may not seem like the most natural combination, but this shade is rapidly growing in popularity in the makeup category, and is likely to everything, in the nail category too,” she says. “Baby blue is a dopamine-boosting shade that's not too loud for everyday wear and looks great on all skin tones.”

Unexpected pink jelly

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Ultra-gloss jelly varnishes are gaining popularity. Knight says he expects the trend to continue into the summer months, especially with the color pink. “Jelly nails have been on our Pinterest board for a while now, and for good reason,” she says. “You want to choose the best pink color for your skin tone – if you have darker skin, choose a deeper, slightly plummy shade, and if you're paler, a cool pale pink is a great choice.” For those who want to emphasize the fashionability of their pedicure, jelly polish combined with nail art with an aura looks especially fancy.

Fashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for summer: mother-of-pearl pedicure

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It wouldn't be summer without at least one mermaid trend – and this year all girls will be delighted with soft pearlescent shades. They can be applied once or in layers and are a lot of fun to play with.

Cherry red

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There's something endlessly appealing about red nails, and Knight agrees that the classic shade is summer's ultimate green flag. “Cherry red is a shade that seems so sexy and yet appealing to people of all ages,” she says. “This is the perfect shade for a pedicure as it will look great with your white, black or animal print swimsuits.”

Fashionable pedicure 2024-2025 for summer: ballet pink

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Don't like bright colors? When in doubt, a sheer shade of ballet pink is perfect for everyday wear during the summer.

If you're also looking to update your manicure, here are the trends to expect for the summer 2024 season.

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