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Try this yoga pose to improve your sex life

A good sex life consists of communication, foreplay and experimentation with different positions. But many people eager to learn how to improve sex don't realize that regular yoga can also help. One particular pose, commonly called “happy child pose” or “Ananda Balasana” in Sanskrit, provides physical, emotional and mental health benefits. And all this will improve your sex life.

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In fact, happy baby pose is even recommended as a sex position by a school of thought called sex yoga, which uses yoga poses to enhance the sexual experience. WomanEL will tell you how to do it and what benefits you will get.

How to do Happy Child Pose


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Let's dive into the basics. On a yoga mat on the floor, lie on your back and gently pull your knees toward your chest. Move your hands through the inside of your legs and grab your big toes with your fingers. Some experts suggest holding on to the soles of your feet instead. Gently open your hips by spreading your legs. Your knees should be wider than your torso and your ankles should be directly above them at a 90-degree angle.

Focus on bringing your knees close to your armpits (this helps with good posture). Your head, shoulders and back should rest firmly on the floor. Some experts recommend rocking from side to side in this pose. While others advise staying in this position while inhaling and exhaling deeply.

However, most yoga practitioners will advise you to bend your heels and push through your arms, as well as pull your arms down to create resistance. You can also create resistance by pressing the bottom of your sacrum into the floor and pulling your knees toward you.

Things to remember when striking the happy child pose

Although yoga poses are designed to make you feel relaxed and help stretch your muscles, ignoring form can lead to unnecessary tension in certain parts of your body. In Happy Child's Pose, you need to pay special attention to the head, neck and shoulders. They should lie comfortably on the floor during training. If you choose to lift them up at any point in the pose, tension may occur, causing pain and discomfort in these areas.

If you feel yourself lifting your neck upward, place a folded blanket under your head or use some kind of resistance band to wrap around your legs (instead of using your arms). Try to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed throughout the exercise. Also, keep some space between your chin and chest.

How to improve sex: the benefits of the happy child position

How yoga improves sex life, Source: freepik.com

If you asked yoga practitioners about the sexual health benefits of happy baby pose, they might not focus on how it benefits you physically. While stretching does work on the sacroiliac region, loosening joints and muscles, there are many more options in yoga that focus on unblocking the sacral chakra.

As explained by gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, this yoga pose also promotes emotional release and stress relief. “Stress can interfere with your enjoyment of sex, both physically and emotionally. Imagine stress tightening the muscles in your neck or back. The pelvic floor muscles can also tighten during times of stress and can lead to painful sex and, in severe cases, vaginismus,” the doctor explained.

There are also less-discussed benefits of this practice (and yoga in general) ), which, according to experts, improves a person's sexual experience. When you do yoga every day, you become more in touch with your inner self. Yoga teaches you to stay in the present, which is important for improving your sexual experience. Mindfulness is an important component of desire and arousal—you can't orgasm when your brain is thinking about what you look like, your “job,” or your emails. In addition to the sexual health benefits, this yoga pose helps relieve lower back pain and stretch the spine.

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