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A gangster organization broke into Alina Shamanskaya's house in the USA: the star was hiding in the closet

Yesterday evening, bandits broke into the house of the famous Ukrainian presenter and blogger Alina Shamanskaya, who lives in California. The event occurred when she went out into the yard to get water, writes WomanEL with reference to the celebrity’s Instagram.

On the porch, Shamanskaya was sent back to her apartment, talking about the criminal attack on their two-story house. Alina immediately called her friend on the phone, who advised her to turn off the lights, lock herself in and hide in a safe place in case there was shooting. Meanwhile, a friend called the police to provide information about the whereabouts of the blogger and her son.

When I came out, I saw police squads and neighbors running past, who told me to quickly go back, there were bandits above us. The bandits are right above us. The cops came to our apartment, searched the window and moved on. They don't know that the criminals are above us. We have a two-story house, that is, my floor and the floor above. There are these bandits in the apartment right above us. I placed chairs under the entire door. I don't know how this will help. To knock out this lock and window, you just need to wave your fist or shoulder. Here the lock is like in the toilets,

Alina shared.

Alina Shamanskaya spoke about the attack on her home in United States. Source: instagram.com/shamankaa

The bandits broke into the second floor of the house in which Shamanska lived with her child. One attacker was soon detained, but the other escaped and took hostages in a nearby complex.

The friend called the police. One has already been detained by the cops. The other one is still in ambush, but no longer above our heads, but in a neighboring complex, holed up in someone’s apartment… He is completely covered by the police. Therefore, you can go into the apartment, but no further… The cops are now asking him to give up and leave voluntarily, but he doesn’t come out,

says Shamanskaya.

Alina Shamanskaya spoke about the attack on her home in the United States. Source: instagram.com/shamankaa

Admirers and friends of the presenter express their support and condolences in connection with this unpleasant and terrible event in the hope of their safety. And the blogger herself is considering getting her own weapon. By the way, recently Alina Shamanskaya was seriously robbed in America.

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