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Artificial romance: watch the trailer for a film created by AI

Real feelings or artificial romance, what exactly artificial intelligence created – we will find out very soon. The Chinese company TCL has released a trailer for the first film created with the help of AI, writes WomanEL.

The romantic comedy entitled “Next Stop Paris” is based on an original script, and the characters were voiced by professional actors. Artificial intelligence was used to create the visual component of the film.

Real feelings or artificial romance… Source: Youtube

The tape will tell about two young people who meet on a train to Paris and fall in love. The trailer notes that it is an “AI-powered love story.”

Even though movie studios have been criticized for their use of AI, TCL has decided to highlight the technology and highlight its use. What kind of shi model was used in the project is not disclosed. The premiere is scheduled for summer 2024. The film can be watched on the TCLtv+/TCL TV streaming service.

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