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Proper watering of peppers: how often and how much water

A successful pepper harvest depends on proper care, and proper watering is especially important. It is known that this vegetable requires sufficient moisture for growth and development. WomanEL offers some advice on how often and with what amount of water you need to water your pepper.

At the initial stage, when the pepper is still a seedling and just planted in the ground, it is recommended to water it with about half a liter of water per bush. However, as plants grow, their need for moisture also increases. Adult bushes already need one and a half liters of water for watering.

The watering system for peppers should be adapted to weather conditions. In case of dry weather, it is recommended to water the plants both in the morning and in the evening. In this case, the amount of water should be increased, reaching at least 3 liters per bush. This will help provide the plants with the necessary moisture.

How to properly water peppers for maximum yield. Source: uzhgorod.net.ua

In case of cloudy weather, watering peppers can be done less frequently – once every 2-3 days. And if there is a sudden cold snap to temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to suspend watering until stable warm weather returns. Keep these tips and your peppers will delight you with a harvest and amazing taste.

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