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Alena Omargalieva released a song about a difficult stage in marriage

Singer Alena Omargalieva presented a new song and video “When you are not there,” in which she talked about a difficult period in a relationship. Through music and video, she conveys the emotional challenges that many face, including separation, distance and emotional stress, writes WomanEL.

In the video, the main character, played by the singer herself, is undergoing therapy from a psychologist. This helps her consider her life events, which scroll through as if on an old photographic film, showing memories from the past and internal dialogue. The singer reveals that she wants the song to be a form of therapy for listeners that can help heal wounds and give hope.

Fate tests our strength every day. I want this song to be that magic pill that can heal the wounds. Remember, until the gong rings, life goes on,

the star commented.

Alena Omargalieva’s clip conveys the emotional trials of the main heroines. Source: press group

The video featured Ukrainian actor Alexander Kobzar, who played the role of a psychologist and director. He combined two images that help the main character in finding herself and reflection. Kobzar, known for his feature-length directorial debut of the film “Father,” expressed his opinion on how important it is to deal with the past and find one’s place in the present.

The clip also attracted the singer’s family: Alena Omargalieva’s younger sister Anastasia played in it , who acted as a contestant. Overall, the new song and video represent the singer’s sensual and personal view of a difficult period in a relationship and the process of self-discovery. By the way, the singer recently spoke about problems in her relationship with her husband.

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