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Royal luxury: the Belgian princess presented her cosmetics brand for the first time

Princess Isabella Orsini of Belgium de Ligne de la Tremoille officially became the ambassador of a cosmetics company for the first time in history. Organic dermatocosmeceuticals from the Canadian brand Nelly De Vuyst®️ are real royal luxury for women, says WomanEL.

< p>I became acquainted with Nelly De Vuyst®️ products while visiting a beauty salon. The personalized approach to skin care based on my specific needs and the extreme effectiveness of the products left a lasting impression on me, Princess shared.

Using her platform to support eco-friendly skin care, Isabella encourages consumers to choose products that are good not only for their skin, but also for the planet. The Princess's new role is fully in line with her values, as she supports a number of environmental initiatives and sustainable businesses.

Royal luxury. Source: ndvua.com

According to Her Highness, many cosmetic companies give priority to profit. They often add unnecessary and harmful chemicals to make the product cheaper.

In today's market, filled with countless skincare options, the difference lies in the quality and true care for the users. I have three children, and I want to create a better world for them, in which moral practices and sustainable development are a priority,

noted the Belgian princess.

Hence, the partnership between the Nelly De Vuyst®️ brand and Princess Isabella especially emphasizes the social importance of environmentally friendly products in the beauty industry.

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