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Vended urges not to restrain yourself: watch the Nihilism video

The American nu-metal band “Vended” has released a new motivating track and an action-packed video “Nihilism,” says WomanEL.

As the musicians themselves say, after the March single “The Far Side” the new work brings the same energy and further expands the boundaries.

Vended are encouraged not to restrain yourself. Source: Instagram

This song represents the momentum for what's to come, continuing the energy of our latest single. The whole content of the track is to not be afraid of what is not really important. Therefore, do what you want, and not what you think will hold you back,

the stars noted.

As you know, the “Vended” group, founded in 2018, leads 21- summer singer Griffin Taylor, son of Slipknot's Corey Taylor. The line-up also includes drummer Simon Crehan, son of Slipknot percussionist Sean “The Clown” Crehan.

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