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Alexander Pedan shared plans to adopt a child

Ukrainian presenter and captain of the popular show “I Love Ukraine” Alexander Pedan openly spoke about the possibility of adoption, writes WomanEL.

Pedan and his wife Inna repeatedly discussed the issue of how to give a child a family, especially one who has lost his parents. According to the presenter, he and his beloved want to adopt a baby and continue to discuss this.

However, Pedan admits that now he cannot take this important step. The showman notes that he lacks resources, in particular time. He and his beloved Inna are completely busy with work, and the small child needs to be given a lot of attention and care. Therefore, the presenter has to postpone plans for adoption for a while.

Alexander Pedan announced his intention to adopt a child. Source: instagram.com/pedanos

My wife and I were talking about adoption. We thought and still think… If you take a small child now, you need to give him exactly as much attention as he needs. Now, unfortunately, I don’t see such a resource and such an opportunity in myself

said the celebrity.

It should be noted that Alexander Pedan and his wife Inna are already raising two children: 19-year-old daughter Valeria and 7-year-old son Mark. In general, the showman often shows funny content with his eldest daughter, demonstrating his warm family relationship.

By the way, we recently talked about how to adopt a child in Ukraine and not lose common sense.

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