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Black and white world from Nikita Titov: children's experience of living in war in a new art project

Illustrator Nikita Titov created his own black and white world to support the documentary film of the savED charity foundation “We. Future”. 12 laconic graphic works illustrate Ukrainian reality and the challenge for those who will restore the country, says WomanEL.

Black and white world from Nikita Titov. Source: Divoche.media

As Divoche.media writes, the heroes of the film are five Ukrainian teenagers who share their stories of war and ideas for projects that will help restore Ukraine. Nikita Titov really wanted the children to color these pictures and make the future bright, because they are the future of the country and the world.

The war has made our world black and white. All emotions and colors seemed to fade away, leaving only clear boundaries between good and evil, black and white, the enemy and us. Everything has become transparent: now it’s very easy to understand who is who, Nikita said.

The first presentation of reproductions of paintings in poster format took place in London during the film’s March tour to the UK. In April, the art project awaits another trip abroad – to the USA. There, screenings of the film will continue in friendly universities and schools of the foundation.

All funds collected during the screenings will be donated by the savED foundation to improve conditions in the Mariupol City Lyceum, relocated to the Kiev region. You can help the project using this link. Let’s also pray together for our defenders: prayer for the warrior defending Ukraine from the aggressor here.

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