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Yaroslava Maguchikh and other Ukrainians are in the TOP 30 from Forbes

The “30 by 30. Europe” list of Forbes magazine features eleven Ukrainians who have achieved impressive achievements in various fields, writes WomanEL.

In the technology niche, Margarita Sivakova and Maxim Malyuk, founders of Legal Nodes, who deal with legal issues, stand out. Evgenia Brosheva, a cybersecurity specialist and co-founder of Hacken, makes significant contributions to online security. And Veronika Yurchuk, co-founder of Traces AI, is introducing video analytics based on artificial intelligence for the security sector.

In the field of sports and games, attention is drawn to Yaroslava Maguchikh, who not only became the world champion in high jump, but also is the main contender for victory at the Olympic Games in Paris. In the field of finance, the achievements of Alexey Ermolenko and Elena Mazhuga, who manage the venture fund “Flyer One Ventures” with investments of more than $40 million, are emphasized.

Ukrainian youth continues to conquer the global heights of Forbes, making impressive achievements in various fields. Source: Vasylisa Stepanenko

In media and marketing, Vasilisa Stepanenko, who works at the Associated Press and has already become part of the team of creators of an Oscar-winning documentary, stands out. And also Max Klimenko, a popular blogger and founder of the KLYM&CO communication agency. In the “Social Change” category, Vladislav Peristy, the founder of the online school for learning English “Speaking club”, who teaches hundreds of students every month, was noted.

These success stories prove that the youth of Ukraine are not only the future, but also a true source of innovation and creativity. Their achievements remind us of the country’s powerful potential and its ability to gain global recognition.

By the way, a Ukrainian recently became the most influential woman in architecture and design.

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