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Alla Kostromicheva surprised with a photo with her husband and son in a warm country

The famous Ukrainian model and world catwalk star Alla Kostromicheva again pleased her fans with hot news from her personal life, writes WomanEL.

This time the model decided to share a personal moment with her businessman husband Jason Capone by posting a rare photo on her Instagram page. In the photo, she is holding her grown son in her arms, standing against the backdrop of stylish buildings.

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It recently became known that last summer Alla Kostromicheva became a mother for the second time, giving birth to a little daughter, whom they named Aurora. The star answered interesting questions from fans about jealousy between her children, saying that such problems do not exist in their family. In addition, she decided to share her secret to successfully raising two children.

How Alla Kostromicheva’s son reacts to his younger sister. Source: instagram.com/alla

He adores (the eldest son his sister). The most important thing is to provide the elder with enough love and hold him in your arms,

the celebrity revealed her personal formula.

Now the model, along with her husband and children, is in the United States in Puerto Rico, delighting her fans and shares happy moments from her family life.

By the way, the ex-Klitschka recently revealed interesting facts about their daughter, who lives with her father.

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