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Borscht is not for everyone: Ivanna Onufriychuk told how much it costs to prepare the dish in Switzerland

Ukrainian TV presenter Ivanna Onufriychuk now lives in Switzerland. She moved there after a full-scale invasion and is trying to adapt to local life. The star does not forget about her favorite Ukrainian dishes and decided to cook borscht, writes WomanEL.

Borscht is not for everyone. Source: Instagram

Ivanna shared on Instagram how she did her shopping – grocery shopping struck the TV star rather unpleasantly. A standard borscht set cost the celebrity 54.55 francs, which is almost 2,400 hryvnia.

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Considering that Ukrainian displaced people are receiving financial assistance in the amount of 300 Swiss francs per month, you won’t be able to treat yourself to borscht so often,

the presenter noted.

Onufriychuk was especially struck by the price for cabbage. For one cabbage, the presenter gave as much as 8 francs, that is, almost 350 hryvnia. Garlic also turned out to be expensive – 50 hryvnia for one head.

Ivanna Onufriychuk. Source: Instagram

For 700 grams of potatoes, Ivanna paid 1.15 francs, that is, 50 hryvnia. Two medium-sized beets cost 4.30 francs, that is, a whopping 188 hryvnia. Two carrots and three onions cost 22 and 26 hryvnia, respectively.

The star also purchased sour cream, bread, beans, parsley, dill and donuts. Ivanna noticed that she cooks borscht in olive oil and does not use pork, but adds veal to the dish.

This turns out to be an expensive borscht abroad. But at home, it still tastes better… Previously, we wrote about an inexpensive vitamin-rich cabbage casserole according to Tatyana Litvinova’s recipe.

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