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Andrey Bednyakov emotionally destroyed Regina Todorenko

Ukrainian showman Andrei Bednyakov openly expressed his attitude towards singer Regina Todorenko, whom he characterized as a traitor who chose Russian money and fame instead of supporting her native country during a full-scale war, writes WomanEL.

In the program “O” war,” the presenter recalled how Todorenko tried to conquer Bednyakov with her obsessive “friendship,” but was always refused. Andrei said that even then he felt the slipperiness and hypocrisy of the singer, who, according to him, thought only about her career prospects and fame.

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Many began to say why Regina Todorenko doesn’t say anything, it’s such a surprise! But for me this was not a surprise. I knew Regina Todorenko. We were never friends with her. Never. She tried to be friends with me, but I see people right away. Regina Todorenko was not interesting to me. She was not my friend. The main thing there is career, money, popularity, fame. She was ready to step over people,

the celebrity said.

Andrey Bednyakov about Regina Todorenko’s attempts to get closer to him. Source: Center for Countering Disinformation

In addition, the presenter explained why Todorenko does not oppose the war or express support for Ukraine. According to him, this is because she does not want to risk her earnings and popularity in Russia. Bednyakov also noted that the road to Ukraine is already closed for Todorenko, and even if she dreams of walking around Odessa, she should not count on a warm welcome in her hometown. Regina recently admitted that she wants to come to Ukraine.

Having expressed his position in relation to Regina Todorenko, Andrei Bednyakov emphasized that he has always been careful in communicating with her and believes that her actions do not deserve respect.< /p>
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