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Memories from childhood: Andrey Danilko shared an archive photo

50-year-old Ukrainian artist Andrei Danilko, performing under the stage name Verka Serduchka, delighted the network with a childhood photo in which he smiles sweetly and has uneven bangs, reports WomanEL.

Can anyone guess the year?,

New musical collaboration: KALUSH and KRUTь released a song about friendship Elon Musk lost 56 billion dollars: the reason was named Danilko asked his subscribers. Although the performer did not indicate his exact age.

Fans are delighted and left many positive comments under the photo of little Andryusha.

  • What a handsome guy .
  • Once upon a time such a talented and wonderful boy came into the world.
  • It doesn’t matter what year it is, if now it’s still the same glance.
  • Has everyone noticed how straight your teeth are? And you don’t need any fashionable braces.
  • The best!

Showman Andrei Bednyakov also joked in the comments, writing: “Year straight bangs.”

Recall that recently Andrei Danilko told how the Russians ruined his life.

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