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Celebrity Approved: TOP 6 LED Face Masks

Have you thought about purchasing an LED face mask? We're not surprised. Now they are everywhere — very in fashion! The list of celebrities who use LED face masks is growing by the minute. LED face masks have been wowing A-listers for quite some time now, from Victoria Beckham to Kourtney Kardashian, Trinny Woodall and Chrissy Teigen. They often share selfies in which they wear their space gadget, writes WomanEL.

ContentDo LED face masks work and what do they actually do? Do LED face masks help with stress and anxiety? What preparation do you need to do to use an LED mask? What do the different colors of light on an LED face mask mean? The best LED face masks for home use Salon Boost LED Hair Mask CurrentBody LED Light Therapy Mask — LED light therapy mask CurrentBodyTherabody Facial Mask TheraFaceDéesee PRO ExpressDr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare ProProfessional LED Facial Mask SENSSEHow to use an LED face mask?When to use an LED face mask in normal conditions

If you are wondering why you should use an LED face mask for faces, you have come to the right place. Loved for both its ability to support collagen, soothe acne, and its ability to relieve bad moods, the LED face mask has a whole bunch of benefits.

Do LED face masks work and what do they actually do?

LED means light emitting diode. All benefits result from the light, which emits a therapeutic wavelength of light energy to energize the cell, stimulating the production of everything from elastin to collagen. It's also good for more than just your face! If you have acne on your chest or back, or if you want to get rid of sunburn, you can use a session to target large individual areas.

Do LED face masks help with stress and anxiety?

An LED face mask can help combat stress and anxiety. Near infrared radiation has a balancing effect on cortisol, commonly referred to as the stress hormone, while “happy” hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are triggered by light. Added to this is the feeling of warm light that envelops you within fifteen minutes (or less), so you can expect a zen feeling. This will boost your immune system and improve the quality of your sleep, so thank increased antioxidants and increased blood flow for the immune system, as well as more melatonin and serotonin, or the hormones that send you into blissful sleep.

What preparation needs to be done to use the LED mask

There is no need for preparation. You do not need to do anything special before or after LED therapy. This makes it easy to incorporate it into your daily routine — it doesn't matter what condition your skin is in.

What do the different colors of light on an LED face mask mean?

Blue Light: Targets the destruction of acne bacteria found in the sebaceous glands, reducing the formation of blemishes or pustules. It also regulates oil production, balancing oily skin or T-zone and increasing blood circulation, which helps flush out toxins, and provides nutrients to the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, which reduces healing time, and also prevents post-inflammatory scars.

< p>Red Light:Stimulates collagen and elastin in the dermis, increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the skin while delivering nutrients and antioxidants for recovery. Improves regeneration for skin that looks and feels smoother, brighter, and with improved dermal density to support the aging process.

Near Infrared: Penetrates deep into the skin and can reach the bones, enhancing cellular activity, making our cells behave more responsively. Increases collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production to maintain skin structure for a more youthful appearance. Near-infrared radiation also reduces inflammation and pain by increasing blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, supports cellular health and repairs skin damage, regulates melanin production, and increases levels of skin antioxidants and nutrients cortisol (stress hormone), serotonin (feel-good hormone), and melatonin ( our sleep hormone). The award-winning face and body products have achieved cult status and are a fixture in the beauty press. They provide the most clinically proven wavelength to regenerate skin at the cellular level, resulting in a healthy, glowing complexion and reduced appearance of wrinkles.

Some face masks have yellow and purple treatment modes, which means you benefit from lymphatic drainage and spot lightening. But the above are the most common.

Best LED face masks for home use

Salon Boost LED hair mask

Salon Boost LED mask. Source: Hello Magazine

Light Salon's Boost mask is made from soft, flexible silicone that fits any face shape, and its strap means you can go about your daily life while wearing it. It has both red and near-infrared light and seems to be a favorite of celebrities: Trinny Woodall, Laura Whitmore, Vicky McClure, Clara Amfo, Victoria Beckham, Chrissy Teigen and Nick Grimshaw have them.

The mask was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Soft, flexible and comfortable silicone makes it suitable for any face shape and lifestyle. The eyes are completely open (while the outer eye area is treated with LEDs), giving you the option to go about your daily activities and activities while you wear it, or lie down, relax and take 10 minutes of your day to unwind.

The benefits of LED lighting are more than profound — Using a mask can also help combat stress and anxiety, as NearInfrared has a cortisol-balancing effect.

LED light therapy mask CurrentBody — LED light therapy mask CurrentBody

LED light therapy mask CurrentBody. Source: Hello Magazine

LED light therapy mask CurrentBody — it's professional, salon-grade technology in the comfort of your home for healthier, fresher skin.

It's made from a patented flexible silicone that fits perfectly around the face so light can penetrate every area of ​​the skin.

A favorite among Hollywood stars including Dakota Johnson, Kourtney Kardashian and Sydney Sweeney, the mask uses wavelengths clinical grade (red and near infrared — to reduce wrinkles by 35% in four weeks).

The mask has won several awards and is loved by celebrities and skin care experts alike.

The mask has won several awards and is loved by celebrities and skin care experts alike.


Therabody TheraFace Face Mask

Therabody TheraFace face mask. Source: Hello Magazine

Designed with a whopping 648 triple diode LEDs evenly spaced throughout the mask, TheraFace Mask promises to penetrate deep into every inch of your skin for maximum full coverage. The quick 9-minute treatment is divided into three three-minute parts: red light therapy to stimulate collagen production; red light and infrared therapy to increase blood circulation for a more even skin tone; and blue light therapy to combat acne-causing bacteria.

Déesee PRO Express

Déesee PRO Express. Source: Hello Magazine

Déesse PRO are the premier professionals when it comes to advanced LED light therapy, pioneering the combination between clinical and at-home experiences where you can experience skin transformation results and improved well-being. If you're looking for something even more than an LED face mask, you'll love Sculpta. The new handheld device helps tone skin and improve texture and quality without needles or downtime. This is a great alternative to «settings» or could be a compliment to your LED mask by suggesting you use Sculpta in the morning and LED mask in the evening.

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro. Source: Hello Magazine

Inspired by Dr. Dennis Gross's famous facial treatments, this FDA-approved mask has over 150 blue and red LEDs so it targets many problem areas. It only takes three minutes and you will see results in three weeks.

SENSSE Professional LED Face Mask

SENSSE Professional LED Light Therapy Face Mask. Dzherelo: Hello Magazine.

This face mask will bring the anti-aging clinic to the comfort of your home. Unlike some hard LED face masks, the SENSSE LED face mask is made of soft flexible silicone that gently adapts to the shape of your face and reaches directly into all corners of your face. In just 4 weeks you can achieve tightened and brightened skin. The mask helps with any skin problems such as dryness, signs of aging, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and blemishes.

How to use an LED face mask?

Most masks are designed to be worn for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and the best results will come from consistent use over several weeks. Some claim to have noticed a difference from the masks after just one use.

When to use an LED face mask under normal conditions

It's pretty easy. LED therapy should be performed when the skin is clear — after removing makeup and thoroughly cleansing the skin, as well as before applying any other facial serums, moisturizers or procedures.

If you are interested in something simpler, then the TOP 5 ancient Chinese beauty products will help you anti-aging hacks.

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