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Famous Ukrainian TV presenter will become a mother for the first time

37-year-old Ukrainian TV presenter and model Ivanna Onufriychuk will become a mother for the first time, reports WomanEL. In 2021, the TV personality married a businessman of Kazakh origin, Almaz. Now the couple shared in an interview with Viva the good news that they will soon become parents.

Photo: viva.ua

Ivanna long ago I dreamed of becoming a mother, but first I wanted to meet the very man whom I would see as the father of my children. It was always important for her that the baby be born in an official marriage. This moment has come.

My husband and I are incredibly happy, because it was our dream to become parents. And now, although the child has not yet been born, I feel a close connection with him, Onufriychuk admitted.

Photo: viva.ua

You can see in the photo that the star is already in the last months of pregnancy, because she has a big belly. Therefore, the international family will soon have a new addition.

By the way, before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ivanna Onufriychuk lived with her beloved in two countries – Ukraine and Switzerland. However, after February 24, 2022, the celebrity's main home is abroad. But the TV presenter notes that she will try to instill in her future child the value of Ukrainian roots, so that he knows the language, history, culture.

The lovers have not yet declassified who exactly they are expecting — son or daughter. But they hinted that the baby's name will most likely begin with the letter “A”.

The husband insisted that his child should have a name that begins with the letter “A”, because this is customary in their family. I decided to give in to my beloved, I just noted that the name should have a positive meaning.

Photo: viva.ua

Now the couple spends hours on the Internet looking for the perfect name.

Recall that earlier Ivanna Onufriychuk showed what she looked like as a child.

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