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What to do with your child in spring: 5 ideas that will make the season as beneficial as possible

If in winter we could understand that our children do not want to go outside, then now there should be no excuses! Spring is the ideal time of year to spend almost all your free time outdoors. But what to do with your child in the spring? You don't need to rack your brains.

ContentSpring things to do with your child: Build a birdhouse Plant flowers Things to do with your child in the spring: Fly a kite Go on a hike in the backyard Things to do with your child in the spring: Ride a bike

WomanEL has put together some simple leisure ideas to help your family make the most of season. Not only will you become closer (especially if you do these things together), but you will also have fun.

What to do with your child in the spring: build a birdhouse

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Whether you're hoping for a garden filled with song this spring or just want to attract pollinators to your porch, a DIY bird feeder is an easy, kid-friendly craft that promises big seasonal rewards. Building a birdhouse is a great way for children to exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills, while also helping the environment. Building birdhouses is not only fun, but also educational. They can learn to build things with their own hands, use tools safely, and take part in charity events that help animals in their area.

Plant flowers

Spring is the ideal time to grow something. Head to your local store to pick out some seeds or potted flowers so your child can become a mini gardener. This calming, hands-on activity will provide fresh air, sunshine, and visual rewards that will bring pride to every backyard tinkering.

What to do with your child in the spring: fly a kite

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The stagnant summer heat isn't ideal for kite flying, but crisp spring weather is the key to success. All you need for this nostalgic outdoor activity is a wide open space (like a field at your local park) and a well-designed kite. You can buy it or make it yourself. Nothing beats the pleasure of watching a homemade kite fly.

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Take a Backyard Camping

The air is fresh, the temperature is moderate after dark, and the backyard no longer looks like a barren wasteland. Yes, it's time to pitch the tent, light the fire, and send the kids out to watch a movie outdoors (with some help from a projector screen, of course). Don't have a projector? No problem. Tell him ghost stories, or let him fall asleep under the stars with his best friend.

What to do with your child in the spring: ride a bike

Will your child get on a balance bike? riding without training wheels for the first time or dusting off that pristine two-wheeler Santa brought when the weather was still too cold to ride? Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether your child is starting from scratch or just brushing up on old skills, spring is the best time of year to pedal.

If your kids are already teenagers, it's harder to keep them engaged. But we know what hobbies will help them break away from their gadgets.

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