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What plants should be planted next to cabbage to save the crop from pests and get a healthy vegetable?

Choosing the right neighbors for cabbage can provide optimal conditions for growth and protection from pests, which helps increase yield, writes WomanEL.

Cabbage benefits from growing next to bush beans and celery. These plants interact positively with each other, providing optimal conditions for growth and development. In particular, celery effectively protects cabbage from flea beetles, which can significantly increase yield.

Cabbage will also not mind having dill nearby. It not only improves the taste of cabbage, but also repels caterpillars and aphids, which can have a positive effect on its condition and productivity. Borage has also proven to be an effective neighbor for cabbage, helping to repel snails and improving the vegetable.

How optimal plant proximity helps cabbage grow healthy . Source: rivne.media

Among other useful neighbors for cabbage, it is worth noting lettuce and aromatic herbs such as savory, mint, wormwood, sage, chamomile and hyssop. These plants not only protect cabbage from pests, but also support it thanks to their smell and active interaction.

Gardeners recommend carefully selecting cabbage crops, avoiding proximity to parsley and tansy, which can negatively affect its growth and productivity. Consequently, the right neighbors provide cabbage with optimal conditions for growth and protection from intrusive pests, which will certainly affect the quality of the crop.

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