• 22/06/2024 22:26

Rihanna outraged fans: the reason is known

36-year-old popular singer Rihanna has always been bold in her fashion looks, this time she starred for the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine. The celebrity appeared in the guise of a nun, creating an eccentric atmosphere around herself. In an interview with Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna spoke candidly about raising children, her relationship with A$AP Rocky and even plans for plastic surgery, WomanEL has learned.

Photographer Nadia Lee Cohen, known for her talented work with big names in fashion and entertainment, showed Rihanna in different images. However, not everyone liked the singer's photo shoot. Some social network users were outraged and began to write that the star disdains religion, ridicules it and engages in blasphemy.

By the way, this situation reminds us of how important it is for stars to be careful in choosing images that can become the object of controversy and hate.

Recall that earlier Rihanna became the object of ridicule for being overweight.

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