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Dan Balan spoke about his affair with Karol

Sometimes the biggest sensations are not on stage, but in the personal lives of stars. One of these cases is the “romance” between the Moldovan performer Dan Balan and the Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, reports WomanEL.

Balan decided to dot the i’s, in his telegram channel he told the truth about the relationship with Karol. After all, the DanTina fan base terrorizes the artist’s family, friends and close circle.

Us I don’t have a close relationship with Tina. We haven't communicated for two years. There is no point in your group existing. You live in illusions, and your actions are aimed at harming others, making your community dangerous to society,

Balan said.

Dan also added that fans should take care of their lives, spend the best time with their families, and not waste it on meaningless negativity and cruelty.

This statement by Dan Balan was a real disappointment for some fans who are already accustomed to the idea of ​​a romantic relationship between performers.

Recall that it all started with the song show “Voice of the Country,” in which Dan Balan and Tina Karol were coaches in 2019 and 2020. The stars even released a common track “Remember.”

We recently wrote that Dan Balan presented the official version of the song, written 30 years ago.

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