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20 years of stability: how Liliya Podkopaeva keeps herself in great shape

45-year-old absolute Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Liliya Podkopaeva always looks fantastic and is in good shape. For 20 years, Lilia has maintained a stable weight, and WomanEL tells how she manages this.

In an interview with Oboz, the gymnastics star admitted that she monitors her diet, but sometimes she allows herself to relax and eat an extra bun. She tries to go to the gym two or three times a week, but she can no longer do so. And the athlete also has this thing: since about 1993, maybe a little later, she has been wearing scales.

Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Liliya Podkopaeva. Source: Instagram

The husband laughs. Laughter and laughter, but it seems like you haven’t eaten anything, but you step on the scale and the numbers say something else. That's why I step on the scales in the morning and evening and control it. You always try to look even better, but this is what we have,

the gymnast shared.

Now Podkopaeva is 45 years old. She understands that our bodies are constantly changing, but her weight has been stable for 20 years. And the athlete really loves to eat.

I love to eat. I really love fried potatoes with pickled cucumber, with chicken, with cutlets, and also borscht with black bread with lard and green onions! But I also like salads with a piece of fish, topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar,

the woman said.

20 years stability. Source: Instagram

Lilia notes that if she ate too much yesterday, she may not eat anything today. He also looks at his things – his waist or shoulders change somewhat, you need to not give up and train. A dog also helps the Olympic champion stay in shape. And this is mutual between them…

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