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Mobilization since the age of 20, winter without electricity and negotiations with the Russian Federation – says Taras Chmut

Taras Chmut, a well-known ATO veteran and head of the “Come Back Alive” charity foundation, complains about the lost time of Ukrainian society and calls for decisive action in light of the emergency situation at the front, writes WomanEL.

In his exclusive interview, Chmut said that the mobilization of youth should begin much earlier, namely from the age of 20, noting the need for real action to ensure the security of Ukraine. Chmut’s words are given special emphasis, given his significant achievements in charity and active participation in military affairs. But such a statement causes different reactions – not everyone supports his idea of ​​​​mobilization.

I Now I’ll say a terrible phrase. But, in my opinion, mobilization should occur from the age of 20. We've lost too much time. If we want to survive as a country, we must face the war, accept it as a reality and start doing something about it, Chmut said.

Regarding the energy problems threatening Ukraine in the winter, Chmut noted that Russia has begun targeting energy networks in hopes of increased consumption in the summer months.

It will be difficult in winter. The Russian Federation has only begun to attack the energy sector now, because consumption will increase in the summer. But the West will no longer notice our social problem,

said Taras.

Expert opinion: Taras Chmut about the acute situation at the front and the importance of real steps. Source: NAZARIY MAZILYUK, UP

Regarding negotiations with the Russian Federation, Chmut expressed some disappointment in connection with the late response. His words take on greater significance after Peskov’s statement about Moscow’s disagreement with negotiations on the old terms due to changes in the geopolitical situation.

It’s too late to negotiate, it should be in 2022. You need to enter into negotiations from the strongest position possible. The Russians are now becoming stronger month by month,

the military man added.

Such statements from Chmut, as an honored veteran and expert in the field of military affairs, call into question inaction and require decisive steps by the authorities and the international community to ensure security and peace on Ukrainian soil.

By the way, a popular Ukrainian actor recently died in the war.

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