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Dasha Kvitkova responded to the reproaches of her ex-husband Dobrynin about their relationship

Ukrainian blogger Dasha Kvitkova commented on the expression of ex-husband presenter Nikita Dobrynin that she was “non-reciprocal in feelings” during their relationship, writes WomanEL.

Previously, Nikita said on the show “Song of My Life” that he felt the fading of his ex-wife’s love for him. However, Dasha denied this position and replied that until the last minute she tried to save their marriage and create a happy family.

It’s interesting that Nikita told me this… Because, for my part, I can say that I, too, fought for this relationship to the last. But it's hard to fight for a relationship when feelings disappear. When I got divorced, I still had feelings. However, it happens that you love a person, but you understand that you can no longer be together. We are working on being good parents to our son and communicating calmly and normally. We can do it. Perhaps in the future, when a lot of time has passed, we will come to the point of meeting and discussing personal issues. Nobody knows, Dasha said.

Dasha Kvitkova and Nikita Dobrynin are working on raising their son Leo together. Source: instagram.com/kvittkova

The blogger also noted that with Nikita their focus is now exclusively on their son and his further upbringing. The couple communicates remotely, focusing on their son's needs. Note that two parents equally care for and provide for their baby. Despite the divorce in January 2023, the former lovers remain good parents.

By the way, it recently became known that Dasha Kvitkova is organizing a large-scale training session for everyone.

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