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Delicious excitement: Ukrainian restaurant Nai has conquered another European capital

In the capital of the Czech Republic, the magical city of Prague, the modern restaurant Nai opened, which immediately caused a delicious stir. The establishment operates under a Ukrainian franchise from co-founder and brand chef Vladimir Yaroslavsky, writes WomanEL.

Tasty buzz in Prague. Source: Instagram

As Vladimir reported, this is already the second such restaurant. Nai opened in Wroclaw at the end of October, and it has already become a favorite among visitors.

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We are again convinced that there is a great demand for Ukrainian restaurants and service in the world . Together with @nai.prague they caused a big stir. The tables were booked on the first day of the week in advance, and good reviews poured in from the first hours of the restaurant's opening,

Yaroslavsky said.

Nai Modern Cuisine Restaurant. Source: Instagram Nai modern cuisine restaurant. Source: Instagram

Nai amazes with a variety of delicious dishes: cabbage rolls with shrimp, borscht with lard, tartare with fermented elderberry, lazy potato dumplings with mushrooms and mozzarella, chicken Kiev. The menu and presentation were developed specifically for Nai. The chef at the Czech establishment was a chef who worked in a restaurant with Michelin stars.

Vladimir is infinitely grateful to his franchisee partners, who together with him are promoting a project that tells the whole world about modern Ukraine. Next in line is New York. More than 8.4 million more people will learn about Ukrainian service and modernized cuisine…

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