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Details from the life of Tony Matvienko’s 25-year-old daughter have become known

Ukrainian singer Tonya Matvienko has declassified that her eldest daughter Ulyana is actively developing in the field of directing and has many business trips. In an interview with the “Closer to the Stars” program, Tonya said that her daughter had found her love and now lives with her partner in a rented apartment, separate from her parents’ house, writes WomanEL.

Matvienko admitted that sometimes she really misses Ulyana, but she fully supports her daughter’s choice and understands that her child is already an adult and must build her own life.

I miss her very much, but she is already a grown girl and she should have her own life. “I need to learn to live without my mother and without Ulyana,” the celebrity admitted.

Tonya Matvienko supports her daughter’s choice and gets used to it to life without her. Source: instagram.com/tonya_matvienko

Now her father Peter Gonchar lives in Tonya’s house, having returned to his daughter after the death of his wife. He helps take care of his 8-year-old granddaughter Nina.

Dad says that “ who will look after me as an old man? And now he can help with Nina too. Previously, the majority were girls, but now there are only men. Let them command,

the singer noted.

Thus, Tony Matvienko’s life is full of events and changes taking place in her family. The singer understands the new elections of her loved ones and continues to support them in everything.

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