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Prayer for prisoners of war

The war continues, and Ukrainians turn with hope to the one who can help our military in Russian captivity – to God. Prayer for prisoners of war will help decide their fate, will not allow their spirit to break and wait for their defenders alive and well, writes WomanEL.

The importance of faith and prayers. Source: pinterest.com

Prayer for prisoners of war

Father, I cry to You and pray for our soldiers who are in captivity. Grant them courage and faith, so that they can show off on others. Once again I hope for freedom. Grant them the glory that You will never deprive them.

Lord, we pray to You, clear their thoughts from any restlessness or anxiety, so that they can calmly walk straight to freedom. Give strength and vibrancy to their families and relatives, who are impatient to return to their relatives, who are with someone else today. May their native land remember them.

Our direct efforts are to create freedom for these important brothers and daughters of our Ukrainian people. Lord, we pray and believe that You will return the skin warrior to his homeland. Amen.

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