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Dust from the Sahara will cover Ukraine again on April 6: how the weather will change

According to a French meteorologist, already this week, namely April 6-7, dust from the Sahara Desert will again choose its path to Ukraine, bringing with it unusual weather changes. It is reported that warm air will come from northern Africa and will carry with it fine sand from the Sahara, and may also lead to deterioration in air quality, writes WomanEL.

On April 6 and 7, Europe is forecast to once again be influenced by warm air from northern Africa, filled with fine sand from the Sahara. The French publication BFMTV reports that meteorologists expect sand to enter the air in France and other Western European countries.

Meteorologist Guillaume Sechet claims that with such a dynamic arrival of air from the south, the return of sand to the skies of France is inevitable. In addition, he publishes a map showing that sand from Africa will cover European countries, as well as part of Ukraine, including its northwestern part.

Clouds from the desert: how a natural phenomenon affects our environment and climate. Source: twitter.com/Meteovilles

According to a meteorologist, significant amounts of sand can pollute the air, weaken the sun's rays and contribute to the formation of dense clouds, which is likely to slow down the rise in temperatures.

Recently, on Saturday 31 March, sand from the African desert covered Ukraine, causing deteriorating air quality and other unusual phenomena. This incident may repeat itself this coming weekend, which requires increased attention and caution on the part of residents and meteorologists.

By the way, it recently became known that the amount of water in the Dnieper River has increased extremely.

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