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Earth in the window: when Space Perspective plans to start tourist flights into space

The Earth in the porthole will very soon turn from a dream into reality. The first prototype of the completed design of the Spaceship Neptune test space capsule for lifting tourists into space was presented by Space Perspective, reports WomanEL.

Spaceship Neptune . Source: Instagram

This passenger capsule is designed for a giant balloon capable of lifting space tourists to a height of 100 thousand feet (30.5 km).

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Technically, this is still stratosphere, not space. Flights will last 6 hours, and specialized transport will accommodate 8 paying passengers and one pilot.

Land in porthole. Source: Instagram Spaceship Neptune. Source: Instagram

The test model is well equipped and has comfortable seats, a snack bar, a Wi-Fi system, large 360-degree panoramic windows and a toilet.

First flights are expected as early as 2024. Space Perspective has sold its first 600 tickets, so reservations are now only available for 2025. The ticket price for Spaceship Neptune is $125 thousand.

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