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Enchanting story: Denis Malyuska explained why Ukraine does not declare a state of war

The head of the Ministry of Justice Denis Malyuska explained why Ukraine is still not officially at war. The minister believes that this is just an enchanting story – if we declare war in the third year, it will be settled immediately, says WomanEL.

Malyuska in an interview with the BBC noted that some of the wording in the Constitution relating to wartime is formulated “not perfect”. This gives grounds for “conspiracy theories,” in particular, regarding the failure to declare a state of war.

Enchanting story: Denis Maluska explained why Ukraine does not declare a state of war. Source: BBC

Like, if we declared a state of war in February or March, that’s the same something would change. Announce or announce – we are at war, and all the rules of law relating to war apply to Ukraine and the war we are waging,

the minister emphasized.

According to the official, announcement or announcement has no legal meaning.

If you attack someone and declare war, that’s crime of aggression. If you are defending yourself, you don't need to announce anything. You are defending yourself – of course there is war and the corresponding norms apply to you,

explained the head of the Ministry of Justice.

Denis Maluska also noted that some lawyers generally question the correctness of someone declaring a state of war . And lawyers specializing in international humanitarian law are completely calm and understand that this does not change anything.

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