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Prayer for the repose of the souls of soldiers who gave their lives for faith and homeland

When remembering fallen soldiers, they read the same prayers as for other deceased ones, but special requests can also be read. The prayer for the repose of the souls of soldiers is one of the most powerful, writes WomanEL. To pray for the dead, you can go to church, but you can also read prayers at home, near a lit candle.

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Prayer for the repose of the souls of warriors

Insurmountable, intangible and powerful in the struggle, Lord our God! We pray to You, remember from Your Kingdom the Orthodox warriors killed in battle. And receive them from Your heavenly light as wounded martyrs, washed with your blood. Like those who suffered for Thy Holy Church and Fatherland, who blessed Thy inheritance.

We pray to You, accept the warriors who came before You from the regiment of warriors of the Heavenly Forces. Accept them by Thy mercy, for they gave up their lives in the battle for the independence of the Ukrainian land. They stole the Orthodox faith from the enemy, and fought hard to defend the Faith from foreign hordes.

Remember, Lord, all those who fought with a good deed for the long-standing care of Apostolic Orthodoxy, for the Ukrainian land that was sanctified by You as the people of God, when the enemies of the Cross and Orthodoxy came with fire and sword. Receive in peace the souls of Your servants (names), who fought for our peaceful life, for our goodness and peace. And grant them eternal peace, for the stench roared through the towns and villages and seized the Batkivshchyna with themselves.

Have mercy on the Orthodox warriors killed in the war by Your mercy, forgive them all the sins in whose life in the future Whether in word or deed, known or unknown. Look mercifully, O Most Merciful Lord, at their wounds, torment, agony and suffering, and recognize them for their good deeds and their worth.

Accept them by Thy mercy, for the tyrants here suffered severe sorrows, suffering from shortages, hardships, labors and sleeplessness, hunger, fever and sweat, like those sheep who are on their knees. We pray to You, Lord, do not let their wounds be like olives or like liquids shed on their sinful wounds.

Look from heaven, O God, and remember the men killed at the dawn of age and strength, the elders – at the strength of spirit th masculinity. Marvel at our heartfelt sorrow, marvel at our fatness and be merciful, All-Good Lord!

Thou hast taken away our relatives from us, and not forsaken us of Thy affection. Your unforgettable servants (names) have settled in the Kingdom of Heaven, like good warriors who have worked courageously in terrible and eternal battles. Let them live there in bright purity, like those who have won their clothes here from their blood, and the crowns of martyrdom.

Grant them to be the companions of the triumph and glory of the perpetrators at once ma, who fought under the banner Thy Cross against the world, the flesh and the devil. Bring them to the council of the glorious passion-bearers, the virtuous martyrs, the righteous and all your saints. Amen.

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