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Forget white noise: new study shows how to quickly fall into deep sleep

We all know that reading is very relaxing. This is why parents read bedtime stories to their children and why it's so easy to fall asleep listening to an audiobook on the train. If you are looking for a way to quickly fall into a deep sleep, then this is exactly what you need to do.

ContentHow to quickly fall into a deep sleep: a new studyHow to quickly fall into a deep sleep: listen to fairy talesDo this whenever there are a lot of thoughts in your head

According to a new study, listening A relaxing story or podcast in bed will not only help you switch off, but will also help you sleep deeper. WomanEL will share unexpected findings of scientists.

How to quickly fall into a deep sleep: new research

The study, published in the Journal Of Sleep Research, builds on previous evidence that playing “relaxation words” in the early stages of sleep helps increase the amount of time a person spends in deep sleep. In the latest study, scientists set out to find out how this simple practice improves deep sleep by monitoring your heartbeat.

Using an ECG test, the study authors found that the time between heartbeats increased when relaxing words were played to a sleeping person, as opposed to a set of control words—those that were considered neither relaxing nor stimulating. And it's not just the sound of the words: when the researchers played the relaxing words backwards, the time between heartbeats was shorter than when the words were played forward, which the researchers say suggests that “embodied processing” of the words directly leads to to their positive effects.

Ultimately, this shows how aware our bodies are of the world around us when we sleep, and how the ambient noise in and around our bedrooms can affect the quality of our sleep. But listening to a bedtime story can be helpful even before you fall asleep.

How to quickly fall into a deep sleep: listen to fairy tales

“The benefits of listening to soothing bedtime stories and sleep podcasts are multifaceted and deeply rooted in both physiological and psychological principles.” Max Kirsten, resident sleep expert at Panda London, says this. “As you go to sleep, the body's physiological processes gradually enter a resting state. Listening to calming stories or podcasts serves as a catalyst for relaxation by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system.

“By immersing yourself in calming content, such as gentle stories or ambient sounds, people are effective in lowering their heart rate, reducing muscle tension, and regulating their breathing patterns. All these are necessary components for entering the sleep state.”

Do this whenever you have a lot of thoughts in your head

Listening to fairy tales or relaxing podcasts helps fall asleep, Source: freepik.com

Listening to relaxing sounds like these can be especially helpful if you struggle with an overactive mind. We've all had those nights when your mind starts wandering faster as soon as your head hits the pillow. And while giving yourself something else to focus on may seem counterintuitive, it can be a good guide for your brain.

“By providing auditory stimulation, bedtime stories distract attention from intrusive thoughts, providing a focus that promotes peace of mind,” says Kirsten. “The narrative structure of stories creates a sense of continuity and predictability, which can be especially reassuring in the vulnerable moments before falling asleep.”

“From a psychological perspective, this interaction with familiar and comforting stories triggers a cascade of positive emotions, inducing the feeling safety, security and satisfaction. This all helps ease the transition to sleep.”

So while white noise is great at blocking out disturbing sounds and providing a soothing background to sink into, listening to bedtime stories and podcasts can have an advantage when it comes to sleep. overall improvement in your sleep.

Ultimately, you want your body and mind to feel as safe and relaxed as possible. And what better way to do this than to tune in to a soothing story?

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