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Psalm 90: we read a prayer for God’s protection and protection in life

Psalm 90 is one of the most famous and frequently used psalms in Christian literature. This psalm is known as a prayer for God’s protection and protection in the life of a believer, writes WomanEL.

The psalm is read when people need special protection. Precisely when they are scared, when they find themselves in a difficult situation and do not know how to cope with it without help from above.

The psalm mentions that those who have God as their patron can live in accordance with His will and are protected from all dangers. It is also important to emphasize that God can save people from any problems and problems, including threats from enemies.

Psalm 90 read when people need special protection. Source: pinterest.com

Psalm 90. Prayer for God’s protection and protection in life

Who lives in the help of the Almighty, to dwell under the roof of the heavenly God. Say to the Lord: My protector is my protector and my refuge is my God. I hope for a new one. For you will see the net of the fisher and the words of the anxious.

It will cover you with its shoulders and under its wings you will hope. As soon as I dare, I will teach you the truth of this, without being angry with the fear of the future. Neither the arrows that fly during the day, nor the mari that shines in the darkness, nor the misfortunes and the devil of the midday. A thousand will fall to you, and ten thousand will be your right hand; I can’t get closer to you.

However, you will look with your eyes and pay for sinners. For you, Lord, are my hope. Oath the Almighty as your refuge. No harm will come to you and no wound will touch your body. For their angels will tell their commandment about you. May they bury you on all your paths.

They will take you in your arms, so that you don’t accidentally trip your foot on the stone. You will step on the haspid and the basilisk, and trample the lion and the snake. For you have trusted in me, and trust in me, for you have known my name. Call me, and I smell it; I am with him in sorrow, and I will release him and glorify him. I will bestow upon him a long life and show him my salvation. Glory to the father and son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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