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From Shevchenko to Lyubka: Guzema and A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA released a poetry collection

The Ukrainian publishing house A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA and the jewelry brand Guzema Fine Jewelry decided to give a gift to all lovers and created a limited collection of poems “Nobody Loved Like This.” The book will amaze with poetic pearls from Shevchenko to Lyubka, writes WomanEL.

From Shevchenko to Lyubka. Source: Instagram

Poetry from 70 of the best Ukrainian authors has already been published in a special limited edition of 1000 copies in Kharkov. The compiler of the collection included in the “Ukrainian Poetic Anthology” series was Ivan Malkovich.

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Among the Ukrainian poetic pearls about love, I chose poems for different tastes and moods. From the saddest to the most cheerful, from the most carefree to the most tragic, from the most tender to the most cheerful. I hope that the poetic spell of love will not escape anyone who reads this magical volume,

Malkovich noted.

So no one loved… Source: Instagram

The money collected will be sent to the Guzema Foundation, which provides operational assistance to the military on the first line of the front. You can get a unique book by donating 500 hryvnia. Also, on February 7-15, the collection will be a gift for purchasing diamond jewelry online and in Guzema Fine Jewelry flagship boutiques.

Previously, the Guzema brand released a new line of jewelry for Valentine's Day, Valentine's Diamond Drop.

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