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VLADA K teaches you to accept change in a new playful song

VLADA K presented her new song called “CHANGES”, which became a real embodiment of inner experiences and feelings. For the first time, she took part in creating the lyrics of the song, putting into it all her emotions and thoughts about what it means to become an adult, writes WomanEL.

“CHANGES” reflects not only the reality of youth, but also the feelings that accompany everyone in this period. This is not just a composition, but an attempt by the author to share his thoughts and experiences with the audience, inspiring everyone to look at the future with optimism and self-confidence. She reveals the things that every child faces during periods of change.

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It’s so exciting to present you my new song. It is my sincere wish that changes in every person's life do not frighten them and do not affect how they love their life. So that everyone remembers that regardless of the changes, better times await us ahead

the celebrity shared.

VLADA K believes that every change brings with it new opportunities and better times, and “CHANGES ” is her attempt to convey this important message to her listeners. Her song has become the voice of the younger generation, which is looking for its place in the world and believes in its strength and capabilities.

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