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Home beauty: how Margarita Muradova is restoring a high culture of reading

Personal stylist with more than ten years of experience, author of a popular YouTube channel about fashion, Margarita Muradova, has released her first collection, Salon Reading Printemps-2024. The basis was modernized home beauty and the renewal of a high reading culture, writes WomanEL.

Home beauty. Source: Instagram

According to Margarita, items in the collection will be limited and also focused on quality and exclusivity: long dresses, translucent shirts, skirts and unisex pajamas.

Placing contrasting lace inserts on monochrome satin sets, the brand adds a touch of playfulness to overall silhouettes. Translucent reminiscences of shirts and brilliant variations on heavy corduroy robes are a fresh take on traditional home attire.

Margarita Muradova restores high culture reading. Source: Instagram

The greatest inspiration for the stylist was the Marquise de Lambert, a French writer who exemplifies the essence of literary salons.

Holy symposiums, where ideas, like fine wine, had the opportunity to breathe, blossom and evoke feelings, Margarita notes.

Through Salon Reading, the designer embodies cultural codes through reimagined home wardrobe and explores the ultimate aesthetic comfort.

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