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My Juliet: Nikita Kiselev released a love song and a video for it

Singer and composer Nikita Kiselev today, March 1, presented a new hit called “Juliet,” which has already gained popularity among fans of his music. The song became not only a melodic work, but also the embodiment of tender emotions. The feelings of love that come through every note make the track special for listeners, writes WomanEL.

What makes this song even more expressive is the video filmed in collaboration with the Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theater. In this video, Nikita Kiselev presented his interpretation of the lyrical image of Juliet, who hides her true natural beauty behind the mask of society. Using beauty techniques from the Margiela show, he created a striking image that complemented the musical atmosphere of the song. For Nikita Kiselev, the lyrical image of Juliet is the embodiment of the most vivid feelings of love. His words describe the whole soul of the song.

Nikita Kiselev shares her impressions of the image of Juliet and the challenges she poses to the audience . Source: press group

This is a song about an ardent heart, about burning eyes, and also about a guy who is madly in love with the image of a girl he meets on the streets of our country. Each of these girls can be the same desired Juliet, for whom he will be ready to give his life,

said the celebrity.

The song “Juliet” has become not just a piece of music, but a reflection of deep feelings that can unite the hearts of listeners in the eternal dance of love.

By the way, today TVORCHI covered Kuzma’s hits for a top film.

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